Our Process

Speed, simplicity, and transparency are some of the top reasons why people choose Guardian Storage when looking to rent portable storage containers. Regardless of how unique your storage requirements, our professional and highly experienced team can help you find just the right unit for residential or commercial use.

Guardian Storage helps simplify the process when it comes to selecting the right portable storage company. Whereas other companies are looking for ways to up-sell with customizations that are not necessarily applicable to your situation, or imposing hidden charges that mess up your budget, we pride ourselves on our transparency and streamlined processes. Our four step process makes renting portable containers with Guardian Storage a breeze.

Step 1: The portable storage container is delivered to you using our tilt-free delivery system.

Step 2: You pack the portable storage container at your convenience.

Step 3: We pick up the portable storage container and deliver it to your desired location. Your portable storage container can be stored at one of our facilities.

Step 4: When you are finished emptying the portable storage container, we will come and pick it up.

Getting Ready to Rent Portable Storage

We have a wide assortment of portable storage containers, so we can accommodate every imaginable residential and commercial need, from home renovation to landscaping and construction to manufacturing. Plus, you can rent them for any duration you like.

To get started, you should first decide:

  • What size of container you need
  • What size of container you need
  • Where will you store the portable container. On your own property or at a Guardian Storage facility
  • How long you want to keep the portable storage container

We realize that a homeowner looking to downsize to a smaller house may have different needs than a contractor looking for an on-site storage unit to store their expensive equipment in. To help you identify exactly what you need, Guardian Storage has an outstanding customer service team that will guide you through the selection process.

Our ability to streamline the unit rental process for any customer is one of the things that makes Guardian Storage truly unique. We eliminate every hassle from the process: you simply select the unit you want, and then point at the spot you want us to place it. Our professional drivers are capable of delivering mobile storage containers virtually anywhere you want them.

Rent Your Portable Storage Container Today

Ready to reserve your portable storage container? Just call us at 519-944-5505, or toll free at 800-688-2262. You can also email us at sales@guardian-storage.com. All we need is your name, phone number, and the date you require your container to reserve a portable container for you. We can email the rental agreement to you or you can visit us at our offices.

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