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Renting a mobile storage system is a great solution for anyone looking for extra space. We understand that some of these storage needs are urgent, like when property is damaged by flood, fire, or some other unforeseen incident. As you begin the journey to recovery, one of the things you need on site is dry and secure storage. Although most restorations are handled as part of the insurance claim, the restoration company needs to act fast to reduce damage associated with the loss of property.

Guardian Storage has been working with restoration companies for years, supplying reliable mobile storage systems on time and on budget. We have a good understanding of the business, and have the inventory to fulfill urgent requests in the areas we serve. Maintaining good relationships with our clients in the restoration business allows us to quickly dispatch, deploy, and deliver the required portable storage system wherever it’s needed.

Home Restoration

Besides restoration companies, we also work with individuals and businesses to provide them with the desired mobile storage solution for their situation. Once you contact our team, we will deliver a portable storage container directly to your site as soon as possible. With your steel box on site, you can easily move your valuables and other belongings to safety.

If your home is still habitable while the repairs progress, the container can stay on your property until the work is complete. This will give you unlimited access to your valuables throughout the restoration process. In addition, you can gradually move your belongings back into your home as different sections are restored, for even greater convenience.

In the event that you need to move away from your home during the restoration, we can move your loaded mobile storage unit to one of our facilities, or another secure location of your choosing.

Business Restoration

Commercial storage systems are quite similar to residential systems. Depending on the unique needs of your business, we will deliver a portable storage system of the desired size to the site of the damaged property. You can use the unit to store furniture, files, documents, inventory, and other business assets that are saved from the damage, for the duration of the rebuild.

Unlike home renovations, most businesses are unlikely to completely halt their operations until the rebuild process is complete. In such cases, our commercial storage systems can provide you with extra flexibility to set up an office or shop in another location, on a temporary basis.

Emergency During Peak Moving Season?

During peak moving season (between April and September) it is best to contact Guardian Storage as early as possible to reserve your portable storage container. Normally, the portable containers can be delivered within 24 hours of placing an order, however, during peak season we may need a little extra time.

We realize that our customers’ time is precious, and so we work around your schedule for optimal convenience. Since we own our delivery equipment, we have complete control over the delivery of our mobile storage systems. You can expect your unit to arrive on time when working with Guardian Storage.

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