On-Site Portable Container Storage

If your new home or business location is not ready for occupancy, your portable storage container can be stored at one of our conveniently located facilities. You will have access to your portable storage container 24 hours a day. Storage and access are at no extra cost.

Our mobile storage rentals are ideal for homeowners moving to a new home planning a home renovation, downsizing, or simply looking for extra storage space to keep off-season items. They are also great for businesses that are rapidly expanding and urgently need safe and secure storage to keep their business assets.

Our steel boxes are water, wind, and rodent-proof. This means that any documents, furniture, tools, equipment, building materials, or other valuables that you keep inside your container, will remain dry for the entire duration of storage.

Safety When Storing Hazardous Materials

We realize that our clients have diverse storage needs, including moving and storing fuel, chemicals, and flammable materials. Our containers serve as great portable storage sheds for your valuables because they seal almost completely.

However, they cannot safely store flammable substances such as solvents, gas, and chemicals. Our storage containers feature two small vents— one positioned on each side—close to the top, to allow for airflow and eliminate any concerns associated with mold or mildew. Storing flammable materials, many of which release vapours, can cause the vapours to accumulate, due to the low amount of air circulation, increasing the risk of fire and explosion if exposed to a flame or other source of heat.

As such, we advise our clients looking to store equipment that runs on gasoline, including lawn mowers and chainsaws, to empty the gas tanks before storing them in the container. Keep in mind that these steel boxes are nearly airtight, so even tiny amounts of gasoline from the fuel tanks can pose safety issues if exposed to flames or high heat.

Additionally, we suggest that clients looking to store flammable materials, chemicals, or equipment that runs on fuel to talk to our customer service team first.

Adequate ventilation is necessary for sufficient pressure release and to keep the fumes from accumulating inside your portable storage shed, which might pose a serious safety risk if there was a fire inside or near the box.

Get Your Portable Storage Rental

Our portable storage containers are built with all-steel construction, and an anti-slip floor. They are weather resistant, with venting to provide cross ventilation. There are two hinged doors to allow easy access for loading and unloading. Inside the portable storage containers are slots and rings to place tie-downs.

We take the safety of our clients and staff very seriously. Being clear and open about your needs will help us fulfill those needs to your satisfaction.

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