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Guardian Storage boasts a highly skilled and experienced team of moving, storage, and logistics experts. We strive to make everything concerning packing and moving as simple as possible, right down to providing essential supplies like boxes and tape.

When it comes to moving or storing your valuables, cardboard or plastic boxes for packing help to create uniformity for optimal space utilization. Our store carries economical moving boxes and card boxes in an assortment of sizes, as well as tape, hangers, hooks, and shelves. You can also find thick moving blankets that come in handy when storing or moving large pieces of furniture, as well as tie downs to secure your valuables inside the container during transport.

Having been in the industry since 1998, our consultants have plenty of packing and moving experience that you can tap into if you need assistance packing or arranging your items inside your container, from pointers on how to pack clothing and dishes, to advice on the safest way to pack artwork and appliances. Here are a few useful packing and moving tips to help make this period less stressful.

Packing & Moving Tips

  • Start Packing Early—We recommend that you start packing rarely used or seasonal items as early as six weeks before your moving date. This will reduce pressure and prevent panic and stress as the moving day draws nearer.
  • Label the Boxes—This will help you identify the contents of each box, for organized loading, unloading, and packing. Make sure that you indicate the weight, or use a code for different weights such as ‘H’ for heavy and ‘M’ for moderately heavy, so you can stack them appropriately.
  • Stack Heavier and Bulkier Items on the Bottom—As obvious as this may seem, many people easily forget this basic rule, especially when they feel rushed to pack or fail to plan the packing process. It is important that you organize and sort the packing boxes based on size and weight before you start loading them into your container.
  • Maintain the Horizontal Level—If you don’t intend on stacking the boxes up to the ceiling of your container, you should try to maintain a consistent amount of space between the top of your content and the ceiling throughout the space.
  • Fill the Gaps with Smaller Items—This is a great way to utilize the small spaces created between boxes in the rows, and prevent boxes from shifting during transport. Simply fit in any odd-shaped items you may have, starting with those that can’t fit with other items in a box.
  • Avoid Large Bulky Boxes—Large and bulky boxes are difficult to stack. If they are filled with heavy items, they can be difficult to lift or move. On the other hand, if they are full of soft and lightweight items, they can be easily crushed, toppling everything on top of them.

We recommend that you purchase more moving boxes and packing supplies (tape, bubble wrap, clean newsprint, etc.) than you think you need. There’s almost always a lot more to pack in your home or building than you expect, and it can be very inconvenient if you run out.

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