Personal Self Storage

If you’re moving, planning a home renovation, need safe storage for your materials and equipment during a landscaping project, or you’re just adjusting to a new season, you should consider renting safe self storage to make the entire process easier for your family.

Guardian Storage can deliver a storage container to your home, on your driveway, where you have easy and convenient access to your items. If you need temporary storage but can’t have the container at your home, we can keep the container at a facility near to you. It’s accessible, secure, and simple.

Finding the Right Moving Storage Containers

We provide moving storage boxes and containers in a wide variety of sizes, though there are some sizes that are more suitable for residential moving and storage than others. Generally, the size of the appropriate storage container depends on the available space on your property to place the container, and the size and number of items you intend to move into the container.

Most people estimate the size of container needed based on either the number of bedrooms or the square footage of the home. However, these estimates assume that the rooms are of a standard size and contain only the essentials, and do not necessarily account for additional rooms such as a gym, media room, or games room. Depending on your specific circumstances, the guide may prove to be inaccurate. Below are some useful size estimates when considering self storage requirements.

16’ Container

These storage containers are primarily used to pack enough items for a small living space such as a 2-bedroom house. Many clients looking to move the contents of a condo or apartment find that a 16-ft. container has sufficient space to fit everything. They can also be used as storage sheds placed on your property to store items during a home renovation, or perhaps with shelving added for easy storage of tools, garden equipment and supplies, and household items.

20’ Container

This is the most common storage container for residential storage or for the contents of 3 and 4-bedroom homes. If one container is not enough, you can get a second 16-ft. container, or even two 20-foot containers, for 5 or 6-bedroom homes.

For a more accurate assessment of your storage space requirements, please contact Guardian Storage representatives.

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