Tilt Free Delivery System

Guardian Storage uses a patented tilt-free delivery system to load and unload your portable storage box. It is the most advanced delivery system on the market. With our unique delivery system the portable storage box remains in a horizontal position during loading and unloading. Another benefit of our delivery system is that the portable storage box can be placed in tight spaces that other delivery systems cannot access.

Is a steel container better than a wood frame trailer?

Guardian Storage uses steel boxes for safe self storage because they offer numerous benefits compared to their wood frame counterparts. Some of the reasons why you may choose our moving storage containers include:

  1. Durability

    Steel containers are more secure and durable than wood frame trailers. Their strong and sturdy construction gives them the ability to withstand the harshest climates, and they can be easily relocated multiple times.

  2. Portability

    Steel containers are built to withstand the harsh environment that includes corrosive elements and consistent movement. They also come equipped with a rigid steel frame and multiple lifting points for easy and convenient transportation and placement.

  3. Stackable

    Steel storage containers are extremely strong and stable. Full containers can be stacked 2 units high and empty containers can be stacked 3 units high.

Won’t the contents shift during loading and unloading?

We offer a tilt-free, horizontal delivery system. This is one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors, who claim that their containers are only tilted on a slight angle during pickup and delivery.

Our unique delivery system keeps the portable storage container horizontal throughout the delivery and pick up process. This helps to ensure that your valuable belongings don’t move around in the portable container. You should keep in mind that the contents should be properly packed to avoid any damage during transport. We do not pack the portable storage container. But one of the benefits of using portable storage containers is that you can pack the container at your convenience, so you can take your time.

Going up and down slopes, turning, and braking can impact the position of your contents. It is critical that you pack your valuables carefully and load them properly into the mobile storage container, to ensure safe storage.

Don’t forget to mention your preferred door direction

Even though we offer a tilt-free loading and unloading process, it is still best to reduce the amount of container movement as much as possible. We advise our clients to determine the direction they want their container doors to face before delivery and placement. Our portables storage boxes have two doors on one end.

Most of our clients prefer the door to face the house, site, or building it is being delivered to, to make it easier to move items between the two spaces.That being said, due to the flexibility of our delivery system we can place the doors facing in any direction the customer prefers.

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