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If you are a retailer looking for storage units in Lasalle, here are some ways our portable units can improve your operations.

Inventory Management

For many businesses, there are certain times of the year when your business needs to replenish stock very quickly. You may be preparing for massive Black Friday sales, or increased shopping during the holiday season. With Guardian Storage, you can use our temporary commercial storage solutions to manage your inventory more conveniently, and satisfy the needs of your customers.

Seasonal Displays

Many businesses choose to keep all their seasonal displays in storage with us, for convenient access across the year when they are needed. When the time comes to switch out your displays, Guardian Storage will deliver your container directly to your store.

This makes it easy for you to change from Halloween to Christmas to Easter, while keeping your displays secure, in great condition, and out of the way during everyday operations. We store your container and valuables in one of our secure locations that is near to you.

If you routinely reuse your displays, and don’t see a need to truck them back and forth for storage, the container can stay on your premises for as long as you want. You can even use it for everyday storage rather than cramming items in your back room.

Safe Delivery of Your Container

We have great experience delivering containers for storage in Tecumseh. However, we like to discuss the accessibility of the site with our clients to ensure that our trucks have sufficient space to safely deliver your container. It helps if you can inform us of any possible obstacles in the way before delivery.

Many commercial and residential clients choose our 20-ft. containers. Meeting this space requirement can be challenging for our competitors in some residential areas. Guardian Storage’s tilt free delivery system can access even the trickiest of locations in LaSalle with ease.

We also recommend that you choose a place that is fairly flat to place your container. If the terrain allows, our experts can make the necessary adjustments for slopes on the site by setting wooden blocks under the container’s corner posts. Please note that this may not be a viable solution for property located on a steep hill for safety reasons.

A Storage Unit for Your Every Need

Self storage solutions are in reach anywhere you are in Windsor-Essex County, whether it be for your home or your business. Just call to discuss your space and storage concerns with our Guardian Storage team, and we’ll help you find the right unit for your needs. For even greater convenience, we can recommend packing supplies to optimize your usage of the space, so it meets all your requirements efficiently.

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