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At Guardian Storage, we are proud to provide door-to-door delivery of portable storage systems to the Lakeshore community in Essex County. Considering that our operations in Essex began in 1998, and the town of Lakeshore was incorporated in 1999, it is clear that we have been a part of this rural community since its most recent significant historical moment.

We provide storage containers for the vibrant agricultural and manufacturing sectors – in farms, homesteads, and premises – and consider ourselves experts in the delivery and placement of steel boxes.

Need help moving?

If you are looking for storage services in Lakeshore, we can help. Guardian Storage prides itself in offering hassle-free storage solutions across Essex. You don’t need to hire costly professional movers or rent a truck to transport your unit. Just choose your container, pick a delivery date, and tell our drivers where to place your container when they arrive on your site.

We leave the container on your property for as long as you want, which leaves you with a lot of time to load it at your own pace. When you’re ready, call us and we’ll move the container to the store or new home. Again, you can take your time unpacking, and only call us to collect the unit when you’re done.

One of the benefits of using portable storage containers is that you can pack the container at your convenience. For security purposes, you can use your own lock to secure the doors or you can use the disc lock that we provide with the portable storage container. It is your choice.

Mobile Storage in Lakeshore – Your Place or Ours

Our residential clients looking for portable Lakeshore storage can choose either the 16’ or 20’ containers.

The 16-foot containers are typically for the contents of a 2 bedroom house or condo where the available space for placement is minimal, or when the users have just a few items to put into storage. It is like having a shed in your yard where you can lock away seasonal gear, gardening tools, small equipment, and so on.

The 20-foot containers are the most common size for both residential and commercial use. These containers are large enough to accommodate items in a 2-3 bedroom house. When more storage space is desired, our clients usually choose a 20-foot container and an additional 16- or 20-foot container.

Retail and commercial businesses, construction and restoration companies, resort properties, and warehousing facilities in Lakeshore can also use our storage bins to streamline their operations.

We work with all our customers – residential, commercial, and industrial – to provide the storage solution in Lakeshore that meets your unique needs in terms of space, budget, and security. Our portable storage solutions are ideal for anyone with limited space and needs more room urgently long term or temporarily.

Renting a storage container with Guardian Storage is the most economical solution when compared to other short-term or even long-term storage options.

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