Portable Storage Containers Leamington

Portable storage containers in Leamington

With our portable storage containers, Guardian Storage is able to provide full storage and moving solutions to residential, farming, construction, retail, and other business clients in the municipality of Leamington. Whether you are looking for secure at-home storage, weatherproof equipment or retail storage on the site, or want to move some items across Essex County, we have just the solution for you.

Guardian Storage brings Leamington storage units to your door. In short, you don’t have to rent a moving truck, or even look for the contacts for a truck driver. Working with us is completely effortless, and we get the truck delivered to you within 24 hours, even during the peak season if you notify us in time.

Once your container is on your property or job site, you can take a week, a month, or longer to load it – we offer complete flexibility. When you are ready, call us to collect the box or to move your items to a location of your choosing.

Safety is our priority

We promote safety in all our operations

Guardian Storage takes the safety of our staff, customers, and their property very seriously. We realise the importance of safe delivery and setup for our storage units on your site or property. We try to promote safety by:

  • Requiring the client to provide explicit directions on where to place the storage container. We prefer that you be on-site during delivery, but as long as you can provide us with specific instruction on how you would like to have the portable container placed on your property you do not have to be present at the time of delivery or pick up.
  • Ensuring that the delivery truck can move unobstructed by trees, branches, power lines, and other objects that may inhibit access to the site
  • Clearing the delivery site of any snow or ice in winter. In such situations, we recommend a minimum of 3-feet of clearance around the container, as well as sufficient space for the delivery truck to back into
  • Ensuring that the site is large enough to accommodate the size of container.

It is the responsibility of the lessee or property owner to adequately prepare the site before delivery. Placing the container on uneven ground with no pavement or support can result in damage and injury. If you need assistance when assessing the suitability of the ground where you want to place your storage unit, please consult with our representatives in Leamington. We can also assist with taking measurements and inspecting the route for any obstacles.

Do you need portable storage in Leamington?

To rent your storage unit in Leamington today, just call us at 519-944-5505 or toll free at 800-688-2262. You can also email us at sales@guardian-storage.com. All we need is your name, phone number and date required to reserve a portable container. When it’s time to rent the portable storage container we can email the rental agreement to you or you can come into our office .

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