Portable Storage Containers Tecumseh

Portable storage containers in Tecumseh

Our storage properties in the town of Tecumseh in Essex County allow us to provide fast and efficient portable storage solutions to our residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial clients in the area.

All aspects of our Tecumseh storage are coordinated by our skilled staff, with support from the head office in Windsor, and include services such as scheduling and dispatching local deliveries and pickups. With our decentralised operations, Guardian Storage is able to provide convenient storage systems in different areas across Essex county without incurring significant freight costs that would have to be transferred to our clients.

This is one of the reasons why our storage units provide the most economical temporary storage solution.

Your cost savings extend beyond simply renting your Tecumseh storage unit. Our containers are all steel construction, with an anti-slip floor. The portable storage containers are weather resistant with venting to provide cross ventilation. There are two hinged doors to allow easy access for loading and unloading. Inside the portable storage container are slots and rings to place tie downs.

Although our containers are not exposed to extreme temperatures in Tecumseh – owing to the mild winters and long summers – the weatherproof and vermin-proof construction allows for year-round storage at home, on commercial and construction sites, and on farms.

Security of your storage container

When considering your Tecumseh self storage options, one of the things to consider is how to manage access and security to your unit. This is particularly important for commercial storage where many people have access to the unit. Only authorised parties should be granted access. Failure to take the necessary security measures can lead to theft – lost inventory, supplies, materials, or even equipment.

Our containers are inherently secure because they are made of steel. Their weather-resistant and vermin-proof construction makes them usable just about anywhere. But you should secure the openings with a strong locking mechanism, such as a drill-resistant, hardened steel lock. A simple padlock can also be used if the security threat is minimal.

But for optimal security, you should decide who has permission and the key to enter your storage unit. In addition:

  • Keep the container locked when not in use or during off hours
  • Add an alarm system when storing important items and equipment
  • Install CCTV cameras or video surveillance, or employ a security guard depending on the security situation
  • Keep the area around the container well-lit
  • Install a study fence around the storage area
  • Don’t put the container near obstructions – trees, shrubs – where intruders can hide
  • Follow inventory best practises with regard to ordering, receiving, and storage. Modern tagging, tracking, and monitoring systems can help to prevent theft and loss.

Do you need portable storage in Tecumseh?

To rent your storage unit in Tecumseh today, just call us at 519-944-5505 or toll free at 800-688-2262. You can also email us at sales@guardian-storage.com. All we need is your name, phone number and date required to reserve a portable container. When it’s time to rent the portable storage container we can email the rental agreement to you or you can come into our office.

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