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Portable storage containers in Windsor Essex County Storage Company

Looking for portable storage containers in Windsor? Guardian Storage has been serving the City of Windsor in Essex County with reliable moving and storage solutions since 1998. Our portable storage services are ideal for households and businesses that need temporary storage for yard equipment, seasonal items, off-site office setup and equipment storage, inventory storage, home remodelling projects, and so much more. You can even use one of our steel boxes as a shed for your backyard.

Guardian Storage owns and operates 2 self-storage properties in the Windsor, Ontario Area. The main office is situated on Rhodes Drive, and is visible from the E.C. Row Expressway between Central Avenue and Jefferson Blvd.

Our administrative duties are also centralised in the Rhodes drive office, and include:

  • Posting rent payments to our clients’ accounts
  • Billing and rent collection
  • General accounting
  • Payables and payroll processing
  • Advertising
  • Administration and related activities

But our operations are not entirely centralised in Windsor. In addition to the storage units found in Windsor, we have other physical locations across the county to better serve the communities. We have Field Service Reps who visit these properties on a regular basis to take the inventory of occupied and vacant spaces, prepare vacated units for rent, and other basic maintenance.

Portable Storage Containers in Windsor

Looking to relocate to Windsor? Guardian Storage has a number of locations spread across Essex County so you can easily find us in a convenient place near you. This makes it incredibly easy and convenient to move across the county, or to arrange for off-site storage in a facility that offers unlimited 24-hour access to your unit and your items.

Ordering with us is an effortless process. Simply choose the size of container you want and tell us where to deliver it. Our skilled drivers will bring the portable storage container to your doorstep within 24-hours. We charge on a monthly-cycle, so you can pack your items at your own pace. When you are ready, just contact us and we will move it for you, or return it to our facilities when you are done with it.

Residential and Commercial Storage Units in Windsor

Guardian Storage is proud to have worked with many customers in construction and commercial services in Windsor. Our storage units can be used to fulfil a wide variety of functions including temporary warehousing, equipment and material storage, job-site storage, and much more.

We also provide storage services to other business types and industries, including real estate, retail, and manufacturing. Our high quality steel boxes have also proven to be useful to restoration companies in Windsor and across Essex County.

Our storage units provide a great storage solution for retailers looking to expand their warehouse to accommodate seasonal demands or surplus inventory in anticipation for fast sales.

Guardian Storage stands out in Windsor due to our exceptional customer support services that allow us to provide and maintain superior level of customer service. Additionally, we can deliver your unit in tight spots or smaller spaces like parking lots where other mobile container companies may not be able to.

Call us today and we’ll make it work for you.

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